A Crisis and Fire

The farm crisis, in addition to skyrocketing gold and diamond prices, devastates jewelers across the Midwest; more than 12 jewelry stores close in the Quad Cities alone. All Nusser family members employed in their business take drastic pay cuts to keep the staff...

New Appraiser Gets Praise

Linda Wertz joins the staff at Hands and continues to work there to this day. She will become an expert jewelry appraiser highly regarded in the industry.

Westdale, Wedding, and Anniversary

Nusser (Sr) opens Hands Jewelers in the new Westdale Mall in Cedar Rapids across town from the Lindale Mall location; Nusser, Jr. marries Betsy Boyd in Iowa City, and Hands celebrates 125 years (believing Startsman founding was in 1854).

Josephson’s Expansion

Nusser, Sr.  buys Simmons Jewelers in Clinton, Iowa; opens third Josephson’s in its place. Nusser, Jr. returns to Iowa City to work at Hands. Nusser, Jr. moves over to work at the Iowa City Josephson’s after five months at Hands.