Lazare Diamonds

lazare diamondsFounded in 1903, Lazare Kaplan International Inc. is celebrating its illustrious hundred-year history. Building on tradition and a commitment to excellence, Lazare Kaplan has been the leader in industry innovation. They were the first to cut diamonds to ideal proportions, to laser inscribe diamonds, and to offer its uniquely brilliant diamond as a brand.

The Company’s founder Lazare Kaplan once said, “I am passionate about cutting each diamond as beautifully as possible.” Today, the Company remains dedicated to cutting the world’s most beautiful diamonds. They also continue to maintain the highest standards in the diamond industry, cutting every Lazare Diamond for optimal brilliance, scintillation, and fire.

Lazare Kaplan has grown to become the premier diamond cutting company in the world. They are an authority on ideal cut diamonds and a continuously innovative force in the diamond industry. To be 100 years old is a source of pride and a banner of success. To be 100 years young is the promise of exciting opportunities to come.

Lazare Diamond Cut

Not to be confused with the shape of the diamond; cut refers to the arrangement of a diamond’s facets. The cut is the most important of the 4C’s because it determines the optimum combination of brilliance, scintillation, and fire. This combination has the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty. Cut is the only “C” under human control.


Lazare Diamond Color

Lazare Diamonds range from colorless – the rarest and most valuable – to various degrees of yellow; with a spectrum of shadings in between. Color can only be seen with proper lighting against a white background.


Lazare Diamond Clarity

Clarity is the degree to which identifying characteristics known as inclusions are present in a diamond. A “flawless” diamond has no inclusions which are visible under 10-power magnification.


Lazare Diamond Carat Weight

This is the standard measurement for diamond size. The most obvious variable, it is the least important in determining the brilliance and beauty of a diamond.


What Is An Ideal Cut Diamond?

Every Lazare Diamond is ideal cut. When a diamond is ideally cut, light rays from all sides are bent towards the center of the stone and are reflected back through the top in a blaze of light. If a diamond isn’t ideally cut, light will “leak out” through the sides or bottom of the diamond. The ideal cut guarantees you a spectacular balance of brilliance, scintillation, and fire.


Why Should I Choose An Ideal Cut Lazare Diamond?

The ideal cut is a mathematical formula for cutting diamonds to precise angles and proportions to gain the optimum reflection and refraction of light. You may choose to compromise on color, clarity or carat-weight, but to ensure that you have the most beautiful diamond possible, you should never compromise on the cut.


Why Are Lazare Diamonds My Best Value?

Every Lazare Diamond is cut for maximum beauty, not weight. Because more of the original rough diamond must be sacrificed to achieve an ideal cut, only a small percentage of diamonds are cut this way.

When you buy a non-ideal cut diamond it will have been cut to retain unnecessary weight from the original piece of rough diamond. The extra depth or thickness of a non-ideal cut diamond may increase the carat weight of the diamond, but the play of light and sparkle are greatly reduced.

All diamonds have some brilliance, but a Lazare Diamond will offer the maximum balance of brilliance, scintillation, and fire.


How Can I Identify A Lazare Diamond?

Ideal cut Lazare Diamonds radiate a brilliance YOU can see. But there’s also something brilliant that’s invisible to the naked eye. Using Lazare Kaplan’s patented laser technology, every Lazare Diamond .18 carats and larger have the Lazare logo and an individual identification number inscribed on its circumference. The logo is your proof of authenticity as an ideal cut Lazare Diamond, and the unique number is your proof of ownership in case of loss or theft.


This inscription is visible only under 10-power magnification and does not affect the clarity grade of the diamond.

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