Stunning Beauty with a Social Conscience

A diamond only sparkles as brightly as the process that brought it to life. At Hands Jewelers, we’re committed to ethical and socially responsible sourcing. The companies we partner with share our zero tolerance policy for gemstones and metals tainted by unethical practices, dedicating themselves to transparency and sustainability. We believe conflict free’ is more than a label—it’s doing what’s right for our communities and our world.

Forevermark Diamonds

Forevermark supports the advancement of women and guarantees each diamond is natural, untreated, and conflict free. From the moment a diamond is unearthed, it’s tracked and monitored along each stage of its journey. Forevermark ensures the human rights standards, political climate, and socio-economic profile of every community their diamonds are sourced from so you can feel good about the gemstones you give and wear. Plus, each Forevermark diamond is individually coded so it can be traced back to the original source.

Learn more about Forevermark’s approach to responsible sourcing.

Lazare Diamonds

Lazare is a concerned leader in the international diamond industry with a zero-tolerance policy for conflict diamonds. Without a Kimberley Process Certificate of Origin, Lazare won’t import or export rough diamonds. The company helps develop and support policies that prohibit corruption and bribery, outlaw trade in conflict diamonds, and prevent other unethical trade practices.

Read the Lazare Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.