Comprehensive Jewelry Repair and Custom Design

Can you fix this? Can you create a custom piece of jewelry? These are a few of the questions we get asked most frequently, and the answer is almost always ‘Yes!’ Hands Jewelers offers a variety of services, from custom jewelry design to comprehensive repair. Customers bring us their most beloved items—wedding rings for resizing, necklace chains with broken links, family heirlooms that have lost their charm. Sometimes they have an unusual idea other jewelers have turned down. When others say no, Hands says yes.

We make it possible, we make it functional, and we don’t shy away from projects that require extra attention. Plus, most repair services are performed in house. When you entrust us with your valuables, it’s an honor and privilege we take seriously.

Explore our services below to learn more about what we can do.

Custom Design

Bring us your ideas. We’ll help you bring your dream to life with free CAD rendering.

Repair and Restoration

Our expert jewelers can preserve the value and heritage of your fine jewelry and restore its original beauty.


Personalize your jewelry or gift with a word or message to make it even more special, even if you didn’t purchase it from us.


Find out how much your fine jewelry is worth so you can properly document its value.

Recycle and Repurpose

We can reuse and recreate your treasured jewelry and make it wearable again. 

Product Care

Hands stands behind the quality of our products so you can enjoy them for a lifetime—we’ll be there when you need us.