Celebrating 150 Years

Hands celebrates what they believe to be 150 years with a special evening in the store with Hands’ favorite clients and friends.

Ross Nusser Works at Hands

Ross Nusser, Bill and Betsy’s firstborn, joins Hands as a janitor like his father before him. Ross will eventually opt for a career in real estate and real estate development, but he will be the first member of the fifth generation of the Hands-Nusser family to work...

Original Josephson’s Closes

Bill ends a 121-year run and closes the original Josephson’s in Moline, the first and last vestige of the Nusser (Sr) expansion into a small empire during the 1970s.

Marcia Hofbauer Joins Hands

Marcia Hofbauer joins the Hands staff, of which she is still a vital part; she will meet and later marry Dan Brown, Hands’ lead jeweler.

Dan Brown Joins Hands

Daniel Brown begins working as the head jeweler for Hands, where he still occupies this position today.